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Questions: Is COSMOS a Vietnamese company with 100% private investment?

Yes, COSMOS is a Vietnamse compnay with 100% private capital.

Questions: What does "COSMOS" means?

COSMOS is derived from "космос" in Russian, means "universe". The founders of the company named the company with the desire to have an eternal development of the company, and always remind of the memories of their time when they lived and worked in Russia.

Questions: What are strengths of COSMOS?

COSMOS has 03 strong points: Firstly, we have the ability of design / processing / maintenance of mold / jig / inspection equipment for active production, quickly to face the changing requirements of customers. Secondly, the strict quality management system brings stable quality and delivery to our customers. Thirdly, modern equipment and abundant infrastructure can meet all kinds of small and large-scale orders. Please refer to the section "Why us" to have an insight of the strengths of COSMOS.

Questions: Besides of manufacturing of mechanical components for automobiles, which sectors has COSMOS produced components for?

COSMOS is producing metal components for other sectors such as home appliances, electronics, construction ...

Questions: What are the most popular types of processing in COSMOS?

They are pressing and welding. In addition, COSMOS has various types of processing such as heading, CNC wire bending, tube bending, CNC turning, thread rolling ...

Questions: What are the materials which are oftenly used in production?

Various kinds of materials such as SPCC, SPHC, SS400, SECC, STAM390G, STKM, SWRCH10R, S25C, S35C, SUS304,…

Questions: The thinnest material processed in Cosmos?

0.3mm is actually the thinnest material

Questions: Does Cosmos actively buy the materials or customer provides?

Most of customers appointed supplier of materials then COSMOS buy and adjust as planned order. There are also a number of materials which COSMOS buy and manage costs.

Questions: Does COSMOS design and make molds based on customers orders?

Yes. Since this is also one of our strength, we are promoting the design and manufacturing molds based on customers oders.

Questions: What are materials used in manufacturing Molds/ Jigs?

SS400 for base plate and tempered SKD / SLD Japan for punches and dies, pin. The standard components such as springs,  guide pins are purchased from popular mold part manufacturers in the industry such as Punch, Misumi.

Questions: What are the smallest and the biggest size of parts which COSMOS has been making?

- The smallest size : (T) 0.6 x (L) 7 x (W) 7

- The biggest size: (L) 1240 x (W) 230 x (H) 40

Questions: How is the highest precision of current products of COSMOS?

Pressing parts: 0.05mm, welding parts: 0.1mm, CNC lathing parts: 0.05mm.

Questions: What are policies of COSMOS to maintain the long-term commitment of employees

To maintain cohesive and long-term dedication of employees, COSMOS has the following policy:

- Always maintain a safe and green, comfortable and heathy working environment for employees.

- Actively organize the exchange activities, community events, enhance the spiritual life for employees.

- Pay attention to the lives of employees, help / call for help for families with difficulty situation.

- Transparency and fairness in evaluation method and remuneration policies. Always adhere and comply with the law.

- COSMOS leaders to commit wholeheartedly to maintain sustainable development, provide stable jobs for the employees and contribute to local development.

Questions: What are policies of COSMOS to develop officers and employees?

To nurture and develop talented people, COSMOS has policies:

- Focus more on job training (OJT), put theory into practice.

- Facilitate employees to gain experience and OJT through out many work positions, select suitable jobs and promote their own strengths.

- Train /and develop staffs up from fieldwork so that they can have a deep understanding about the operation.

- Develop compensation system according to the skill and work efficiency, reduce dependence on qualifications.